PNW 12 | Samantha Neuberger

Find effortless consistency and dreamy tonality with Reverie + Oak presets. 

Say goodbye to time-consuming edits and enjoy the freedom of achieving beautiful results in 3-6 clicks. 

PNW 09 | Haycreekphotography

You deserve to feel wildly proud of your work

See firsthand how our powerful, innovative presets can transform photos in just a few clicks!

We prioritize selecting 1st - 3rd year photographers to demonstrate what our presets do for artists of any skill level.

Thank you to these talented creatives for sharing their work!

Our before & afters are sourced straight from the R+O community. 

PNW Pack

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Original Pack

ro 01 | Danielle Haydon

ro 02 | Rachel Wehrmann @rachelmarie.Jpg

ro 2.1 | Yuliana Tuju @PhotosbyZusYuli

ro 2.5 | Emily Terrell @EmilyTerrellPhoto

ro 2.6 | Melissa Figge

ro 2.7 | Marisa Glaser creative

ro 2.2 | Rachel Burns

ro 2.3 | Adelyn Elizabeth

ro 2.4 | Windlace Photography

ro 2.8 | Lily Marie Photography

ro 2.9 | Lizzie Kallimani

ro 3 | Allii Carr Photos By Allii

ro BNW | Rachel Burns


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Original Pack

The R+O original pack is light, golden, and glowy, ranging from a little moody to light and bright. 

The original pack is made for golden sunsets, urban landscapes, and modern weddings—it’s golden, glowy and soft. The adjustable profiles let you dial in just the right amount of coppery shadows and creamy highlights. 

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Thank you for sharing your work and inspiring others!

Polish any preset with extra vibrance & depth!

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Explore the Power of Painterly Brushes

Raw | Ro 2.1 | final with brushes | Jessica Ayala

Raw | Ro 2.4 | final with brushes | Jessica Ayala

Raw | Ro 02 | final with brushes | Jessica Ayala

Using R+O Profiles, Presets and Brushes

To use our desktop presets on your mobile device, you need to first import them to Lightroom CC (LR) on a laptop or PC. Please note, presets do not sync from Lightroom Classic (LRC), only Lightroom CC. 

Presets are compatible with Lightroom CC (LR) and Lightroom Classic (LRC) 7.3 and above, and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) 9.9.1 and above. 

Brushes are compatible with Lightroom Classic, ONLY. Brushes may be manually copied into ACR, please email for brush settings + instructions. 

Please note, due to the digital nature of products and their inability to be returned, no refunds will be granted under any circumstance, so please ensure software compatibility BEFORE purchasing!

Hot takes from the R+O fam:

Still thinking it through?

We want to ensure you are informed & prepared before making an investment. Here’s what we think you should know about editing with presets:

Our pledge to you is 100% transparency and quality, always. We believe our commitment to honesty is the reason 90% choose to return for additional products. 
Thank you for your support, R+O family! 

Presets aren’t magic, or the sole factor in achieving beautiful edits. The majority of a photograph’s quality comes from in-camera work. Presets are the final step in bringing your vision to life.  

Presets provide a consistent base for editing. They allow you to edit a photo quickly & efficiently in just a few clicks, or they can serve as a foundation for more in-depth adjustments to achieve a unique signature style.

If you’re new to Lightroom, we recommend learning the basics, like white balance and exposure, before investing in presets. This will help you get the most out of the presets and avoid frustration.




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